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Spotlight: This is England [Thursday April 19th, 2007 3:58pm]

I know that this film is not French, it is from the UK, but I figured that the original Cinematheque Francaise showed Chaplin films, so it is perfectly fine for me to talk about this movie.

Recently having recieved a "18 Certificate" in England, this film looks quite blatantly at a part of English society that is often not addressed in cinema, or popular culture for that matter. This is England, directed by Shane Meadows, is about 80s skin heads growing up in England-- the film touches on racism, bullying, and other issues which still transcend to modern times. This film has already drawn much controversy from its content.

View London's reviewer, Matt Turner says that it is a "is a compelling coming of age drama" and that is "an engaging, brilliantly written and superbly directed film that's evocative, funny, suspenseful and ultimately moving. Unmissable." The film also own "Best Film" in the British Independent Film Awards.

The reason I am highlighting this film is mostly because of the trailer, which spoke to me on so many levels [Link]. Apparently, it's based on the director's real life experiences, which make it that much more applicable and poignant.

It opens in the UK on the 24 of April, and in July for the U.S.

The movie's website is awesome, but be warned, some of the supplemental videos contain spoilers for the movie, so watch those after you've seen it [Link].


Spotlight: Melvil Poupaud [Tuesday April 17th, 2007 3:43pm]

We all know him (or at least any serious French cinema aficionado knows exactly who I'm talking about), but I figured with the recent (well, not so recent) release of Le Temps Qui Reste, as well as Broken English we need to talk about this rising film star and his cinematic affair with François Ozon.

Poupaud was born in Paris, on January 6, 1973. And that was all I could find in English. Venturing on, with my shaky French, and a determination to discover as much as possible, I delved into the French wikipedia with the hopes of finding better results. Again, little information. Apparently he is in a band, called MUD with his brother Yarold... Anyhow. Long story short-- it's hard to find personal information on this fellow. So, let's just talk about his films instead.

Perhaps known mostly to American audiences as the cheating husband in Le Divorce, Poupaud is slowly amassing a resume that would make the feeble lists of most actors turn green with jealousy. While his earlier films consist mostly of shorts and obscure pieces, he is noted for his recent work in films such as Je suis votre homme and Les Sentiments.

One of his latest works (if you can consider 2005 recent), Le Temps Qui Reste marked a change in a previously staid career. While most of his previous work had been bit parts and secondary characters, in Le Temps Poupaud takes the role of Romain, a terminally ill photographer. Directed by François Ozon, the film is strangely affectionate, and although at times grotesque in its brutal treatment of the world, is worth seeing.

Anyhow. See that movie, and watch as much of Melvil as you can-- he has the makings of a star. Hopefully he will reunite with Ozon for some more lovely cinema.

Film spotlight: L'ivresse de pouvoir [Tuesday April 10th, 2007 4:44pm]

L'ivresse de pouvoir:

L'ivresse de pouvoir was released almost a year ago in France, but has recently come to my attention due to its billing on the Frenchculture.org site, a great resource for all things Francophone. Anyhow, it stars Isabelle Huppert, and apparently is an amazing film with important feminist issues.

Here is the short summary:
Parisian investigating judge Jeanne Charmant Killman (Huppert) has a well-connected CEO (François Berléand) arrested in a high-profile case of corruption and embezzlement at a giant state-supported company. As her investigation and interrogations proceed, Killman uncovers an immense scandal reaching into the highest levels of government. The more dangerous the secrets she reveals, the more powerful she becomes. However, under the pressures of her sudden influence and renown, Killman’s private life begins to unravel, and she finds herself probing both the limits of her own power and its intoxicating grip. [Link]

So, check it out when you can!


Film highlight [Monday April 9th, 2007 4:18pm]

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Spot light on this film:


Known as Private Fears in Public Places in English, Coeurs was released in November of 2006 in France, but has made waves in English speaking countries, albeit behind France. Most recently shown at the French Film Festival in New Zealand, the film is based on the intertwined lives of six characters seeking love. Apparently, 'tis a go see.

Quicktime trailer


Eva Green blend [Sunday March 11th, 2007 2:09pm]

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Eva Green as Isabelle! FIrst post-- woot!


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